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Alexa Traffic Rank provides information about an estimate traffic numbers and information that can assist you in spotting seasonal trends and related pages in the same topical community, a list of sites that Alexa has grouped together as being related. . The lower Alexa number is the more traffic site receives. Alexa rankings of less than 100,000 considered to be good.

Anchor tag indicates that the element located within will become a hyperlink. Anchors are links on a page which point to a particular position within a page. Both use the anchor tag syntax and have a number of attributes which can optionally be used. The title is displayed when the user moves their mouse over the link, while the anchor text (denoted by the string "Viewable Keyword-rich text" in the syntax description above) is the text which is displayed permanently on the page for everyone to see.

Blog stands for “web log” – it is a shared online journal, maintained by an individual posting regular entries. Blog posts don’t need to be very long - approx. 200-350 words. Blogger is reflecting his or her ideals, knowledge or unique perspective on some topic which might influence opinions in the marketplace.


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