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Blog stands for “web log” – it is a shared online journal, maintained by an individual posting regular entries. Blog posts don’t need to be very long - approx. 200-350 words. Blogger is reflecting his or her ideals, knowledge or unique perspective on some topic which might influence opinions in the marketplace. In SEO terms blog’s main purpose is traffic generation and creating of fresh content. WordPress is one of the blogging platforms where you can set up your blog.

Rules for blogging:
• Determine your goals
• Be personal and honest
• Value the feedback
• Maintaining a good blog takes a great deal of time. It’s important that you post to your blog regularly in order to provide fresh content to the search engines; some experts say you should be posting at least two to three times a week.

How to make your blog popular:
• Submit it to blog directories like Blog Catalog, Blog Hub, Blog Hint, Blogging Fusion, Blog Flux.
• Visit blogs on similar topics to yours and on any popular blogs, leave a comment on a posting. Your comment can contain a link to your site.
• The way to find good blogs is to set up a Google alert for all keywords you use and you will be notified anytime a post is made with those key words. Then, you simply visit the blog and make a comment.