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Social Bookmaking Sites PDF Print

Social bookmarking is a convenient way of saving your favorite Web sites (links to them) on the Web, that you can access them from any computer with Internet connection Social bookmarking sites allows you to share your bookmarks with everybody or to restrict them to selected friends.

In SEO terms using social bookmarking is an excellent way of getting deep links to your site. Digg, StumbleUpon, and other social bookmarking sites categorize links with tagging system which allows users to "tag" or assign their keywords to the bookmarks.

You should encourage your visitors to bookmark your content. There are so many social bookmarking services that is why use a service like, which places one button on your site for a wide range of social bookmarking sites. Use social bookmarking sites to bookmark your own blogs. Make sure to write an attention-grabbing headline and use appropriate keywords so that people searching for your particular topic and/ or product will be able to find you.