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Keyword Factors PDF Print

Choosing keywords is one of the most crucial parts of search engine optimization. Identifying keywords and search phrases that your customers use to find your site, products or services helps to establish an effective foundation for your online marketing efforts.

The chosen keywords must satisfy two major criteria: relevancy and popularity.

Keywords should be relevant to the products or services represented on the Web site being optimized. Keywords, which include single- and multiple-word phrases, should also be assigned to pages that are the most relevant. Many site owners believe that if they achieve #1 ranking they will have lots of visits to their site. This might be true only if your #1 ranked search term is actively searched for and is relevant to the page it leads to. However, if your site has being optimized for irrelevant terms it may see a lot of traffic, but customers won't stick around because the traffic won’t be targeted.

Popularity is determined by using a set of proprietary tools. Non-competitive keywords are worthless for bringing in organic traffic. Make sure that keywords chosen are actually popular, and will bring you qualified traffic.

Our SEO strategy is based on using a combination of the keyword research, selection and organization.