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URL's and Filenames PDF Print

Friendly URL's are good for both your human audience and the search engines. Structure your URLs correctly and you may see an increase in both your rankings and the percentage of people who click your link. You will want to structure your URLs in an organized, hierarchal manner. You should organize your Web site into categories that contain individual Web pages full of content relevant to the parent category. In this way you create an easy spidered, user-friendly navigation system. The URL is also an important spot where your keywords should appear.You should try to find a balance between the keywords in the URL and site usability. For correct URLs:

• use lowercase only
• do not use space as a separator in URL
• use “-“ dash in URL

File names and directory names are also important. Choosing good names for your files helps to make them more accessible to people. Use page-related keywords in the page names following the same practice. Name should be relevant to the content of the file. Give your file and directory names that are short and memorable. If it is possible give a single-word name to your files.