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What is an RSS feed and how to add a feed to your RSS reader you can learn from off-page SEO section article on RSS feeds. The benefits of implementing an RSS feed are obvious - it delivers information to your visitors even when they aren’t actively surfing your site, and they’ll be sure to come back when an item piques their interest. And an RSS feed enables other sites to effectively link to it. As with a Web site, content is king when it comes to a successful RSS implementation. The information should be specific, not broad. If people don't find the feed useful they’ll unsubscribe.

How to create your own RSS feed?

The RSS file itself is a fairly simple text file. Making an RSS feed would be easy for you if you understand HTML. It is basically cut-and-paste from someone else's RSS file to make your own file. As an alternative you can go for one of the various automated versions. How to create you own RSS feed you can learn here.Once you have created your feed you need to validate it and submit it to RSS directories.