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Web sites constructed with frames are not search engine friendly because search engines cannot read a framed source document that tells your browser to load up more than one page in your browser window at the same time. So, frames tend to cause search engine spiders some problems when indexing your site.

Using frames can prevent search engines from finding pages within a Web site or cause search engines to send visitors into a site without the proper frame "context" being established. Pay attention to the fact that some search engines don’t index correctly Web sites that use HTML frames. When spiders crawl through your internal pages, they index each individual page and display them as orphan pages in search results.

To help overcome these problems:

• Use <noframes> tag. The <noframes> tag appears after the frameset tags and in most cases the frameset tags is ignored and your page will be indexed. <noframes> tag is supposed to make your Web site appear to search engine crawlers as if it has no frames. But some spiders won’t crawl the site even if it has <noframes> tags, so try to avoid using frames if that is possible. If you do have to use frames be sure to include <noframes> tag.
• Implement best title, Meta tags on the frameset page.
• Include links in the <noframes> content to all of the other important pages on your site so that the search engine will crawl and index them too.

It is virtually impossible to achieve a high Page Rank on any home page Web site that is constructed in HTML frames. If you have a site that is designed using <frames>, start again and create a new site based on using HTML pages.