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JavaScript is a programming language webmasters use to create interactive Web sites. JavaScript can interact with HTML coding to create dynamic content such as dynamic navigation menus.

With updated search engine technology Google has now implemented the ability for its spiders to crawl and read JavaScript. However, the best SEO practices are encouraging using search engine friendly menus based on HTML and styled with CSS. Many SEO experts recommend be cautious considering the use of JavaScript.

The problem with many sites which use JavaScript is that the webmaster embeds navigation inside of JavaScript menus which render the links invisible to search engine crawlers and therefore the crawler won’t follow those links. Even though Google spiders can now index JavaScript, the scripts can greatly decrease their ability to crawl the links.

How to Improve your Site with JavaScript for Search Engines:

• Have a corresponding navigation scheme of text links at the bottom of a page. If that is too many links, then cross-link pages via contextual links and embedded links in the main content.
• If you are specifically using JavaScript to produce a dynamic menu you can get a very similar effect which is search engine friendly by using CSS rather than heavy JavaScript code.
• Before replacing a menu system, check its actual performance. Don’t assume that a menu won’t work with search just because of JavaScript. Search engines claim to be able to read JavaScript, and some menu systems provide their own code fixes when they detect a search engine spider.