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On-page SEO PDF Print

On-page SEO is the phrase used to describe what can be done on the pages of a Web site to make it as search engine friendly as possible. The most important point is to make your site accessible for the search engines. In our experience a well done onsite optimization can contribute as much as 30-40% to a site’s ranking success.

On-page SEO should be the first step in your SEO campaign. It is a foundation for your further optimization efforts. If your Web site is not optimized then you have less chance of getting good placements in the search engines.

The following is a list of considerations when optimizing each and every page on your entire site.

On Page Elements:

  1. Content - unique content on every single page
  2. Keywords research and selection
  3. Keyword density
  4. Titles tags
  5. Meta tags
  6. Alt tags
  7. Header elements
  8. Text-modifying tags
  9. URL’s and file names
  10. Readability and design
  11. Web site usability
  12. Load time
  13. Sitemap and other factors