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Accessibility PDF Print

This section contains accessibility issues that might keep a visitor from being able to access the information on a website:

• Scripts, applets, & plug-ins. Alternative content is provided for scripts, applets, and plug-ins in case these active features are inaccessible or unsupported. Sticking to standard HTML/CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) used for layout also a plus for search engines.

• Images and animations. The attribute ALT= is used for images, animations, and other objects.

• Load time. Page load time is the crucial issue today. The fact is that fresh new information should be only a matter of few clicks. Make sure that pages load quickly (3 to 6 seconds) on standard modem connections.

• Frames. For frames pages, site includes the NOFRAMES option and meaningful titles.

• Multimedia. Site provides captioning and transcripts of audio and descriptions of video.

• Browser compatibility. One browser may display things slightly differently to another browser or in some cases not at all. That is why a web site should always be developed with cross browser compatibility in mind and tested in Internet Explorer and Fire Fox at the very least. offers a variety of tools that help you to make sure your Web site is compatible with multiple browsers.

• Site has custom not-found/404 Page. If a page on your site doesn't exist, create a custom 404 page, preferably one that guides your visitors to content.

• Also you want to be sure that your Web site is designed with different screen resolutions in mind. Overall, computer users are trending toward higher resolutions, therefore it advisable to do so with your screen set to 1024 x 768.