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Page layout and design are important as people expect things to be in a certain place on a Web site. This means content in the center of the page, a header at the top, navigation across the top or on the left, a page title, a logo in the top left hand corner and some other design features that make all of it look attractive.
Remember that graphics can often be only supplementary to a Web site and should never get in the way of users:

• Make sure that there is enough contrast between background and text. Black text on a white background is the easiest color combination to read. Light text on a light background or dark text on a dark background is not acceptable.
• Keep the design from scrolling. The most important elements of your site visible without scrolling up and down or from side to side on screens set to 600 x 800 size.
• Your content is less than 2/3 a screen-length wide. 50% of the screen or less is ideal for readability, though it might be necessary to justify the text if you want to go really narrow.