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Site Speed as a Ranking Factor Print

Site Speed as a Ranking Factor

How fast your page loads may have a direct effect on how your site ranks in Google. Google stresses the importance of speed on the web. Google's Matt Cutts told that speed may soon be a ranking factor. "I think a lot of people in 2010 are going to be thinking more about 'how do I have my site be fast,' how do I have it be rich without writing a bunch of custom javascript?'" he says.
If you want your site to perform better in search engines, it's time to give some thought to load times. Caffeine increases the speed at which Google can index content. Caffeine is an algorithm update that Google plans to lounge after the holidays. The general consensus seemed to be that Caffeine is fast and utilizes real-time search a great deal. Real time search is getting more important, so make sure you are blogging and using social media, try to get into Google News with regular news updates on your industry. Another main features of the new algorithm update according to speculations of individuals from tests of a product are an increased weighting on domain authority and some authoritative tag type pages ranking (like Technorati tag pages + Facebook tag pages), perhaps slightly more weight on exact match domain names as well as a bit better understanding of related words / synonyms.
To help webmasters Google released a tool called Page Speed that's capable of identifying ways to make things run faster. Check a list of tools at to improve a website's performance.